Lee Bloom Jazz Pianist


Current Projects
No Coasters
Chris O'Connell and the Smart Alecks
Mary Stallings
Rob Bayne Band
Kickin' The Mule
Jonathan Poretz
Jeff Magidson Blues Band
Suzanna Smith
Larry O. Dean
Shannon Wolfe
Myron Cohen
Duo Hypothetique
Roberta Donnay
Rhea Makiaris
John Mattern

A composing/recording collaboration with pianist David Udolf and percussionist Wally Schnalle called 3:frog

Hal Stein Documentary
Hal is the subject of an in-progress documentary film by Lee Bloom and Mike Waters. An up-close and personal look at the life of a serious jazz musician, the film features concert footage plus in-depth interviews with Hal, Phil Woods, Bill Stewart and many others. In the coming months we will be posting new short clips for your viewing pleasure. Visit site.

Sonny Clark Project
A web site devoted to the superb "hard-bop" jazz pianist, Conrad Yeatis "Sonny" Clark. Visit site.

History of Country Piano
A work-in-progress which attempts to document important contributors to the art of Country/Americana piano playing, in all its forms. Feel free to send any comments or suggestions to lee@leebloom.com Visit site.